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Old Republic Home Warranty Plans


About Old Republic Home Protection

Old Republic Home Protection is one of the oldest home warranty companies in the country. Founded in California in 1974, the company has grown through the decades by its focus on customer service.

Currently the third largest home warranty company in the nation, Old Republic Home Protection conducts business in the southeast, southwest, along the west coast and in the Pacific northwest – and they're continuing to expand. Their focus is on being more than a 'one-year warranty company' and being the home warranty company its customers have throughout their lifetimes. This reciprocal loyalty is unfounded in the home warranty industry, and is achieved through Old Republic's dedication to fast, friendly, consistent customer service, available to homeowners year-round.

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Unique Coverage & Low Prices for Homeowners

In addition to the standard protection home warranties provide, Old Republic Home Protection also offers:

  • Their website in Spanish to better serve their Spanish speaking customer base
  • A place on their website where customers can refer a contractor to their network of certified service professionals
  • Specific home warranties for short sale properties

Currently, Old Republic Home Protection offers coverage in:

  • Washington,
  • Oregon,
  • Idaho,
  • Utah,
  • Nevada,
  • California,
  • Arizona,
  • New Mexico,
  • Texas,
  • Oklahoma,
  • Kansas,
  • Missouri,
  • Louisiana,
  • Alabama,
  • Tennessee,
  • Kentucky,
  • Ohio,
  • Maryland,
  • Washington, DC,
  • Virginia,
  • North Carolina,
  • South Carolina,
  • Georgia, and
  • Florida

Old Republic Home Protection recognizes the difference in "company policy" and "customer service" and looks to set the premier example in the industry by offering comprehensive coverage and quality service at reasonable rates.

Service Providers

Good people know good people, which is why Old Republic encourages their customers to refer service providers they trust to get them added to the Old Republic Home Protection network of called-on service providers.

They recognize they're only as good as the providers they have in their network and that their reputation is only as strong as the level of reliability, competence, integrity and professionalism of those providers. They have the highest levels of expectation for their independent network of service providers and future volumes of work to a specific professional depends on performance.

Benefits to being an Old Republic Home Protection service provider:

  • Easy application process and a Contractor Relations Department to field any questions
  • Thousands of dollars in additional yearly income
  • Reduction in costly advertising expenses while expanding a customer base through Old Republic
  • Repeat business, not only from Old Republic but from homeowners after a service call. Many service providers leave behind their contact information, which contributes to future calls for service needs, some even outside of Old Republic's home warranty coverage
  • In addition, if a service diagnosis surfaces that is not covered by Old Republic's home warranty, service providers in Old Republic's network get the first opportunity to bid directly on that service need

Short Sale Home Warranty

Negotiating a short sale is no easy task. Old Republic offers numerous resources and protections to help these buyers. Valuable benefits include risk mitigation, budget protection and ease of mind from undetected pre-existing conditions that could surface after closing.

How Much Does An Old Republic Home Protection Home Warranty Plan Cost?

Old Republic Home Warranty prices start in most instances under $100, and are flexible based on what homeowners would like to have included.

Standard Pricing Plan

Old Republic Home Protection's standard plan covers:

Heating System & Duct Work

Primary gas, oil or electric heating system; built-in wall or floor heater; heat pump, thermostat, ductwork, accessible heat pump refrigerant lines and condensate drain lines. If necessary, as part of a covered replacement, Old Republic upgrades heat pump systems to federally mandated HSPF standards.

Coverage is available for heating systems with capacity not exceeding five (5) tons per unit and there is no limit to the number of covered heating units. For heat pumps and heat pump package units: coverage under central air conditioner/cooler applies.

Air Conditioner/Cooler

Central air conditioner, wall or through the wall air conditioner and evaporative cooler (including primary drain pan), condenser (including compressor), evaporative coil/air handler, thermostat, refrigerant lines, leaks or stoppages in accessible condensate drain lines, metering device (i.e. evaporative coil piston or thermal expansion valve) are all covered.

When a condenser replacement is necessary, in order to maintain system operational compatibility and operating efficiency that meets or exceeds that of the original equipment, Old Republic replaces covered components as well as modifies the indoor electrical, air handling transition, duct connections and the installation of metering devices, as necessary.


Drain line stoppages, which can be cleared through an accessible, existing ground level cleanout (main line) or removable p-trap (branch line) with sewer cable, including hydro jetting if stoppage is unable to be cleared with a cable (unless stoppage is due to roots).

Additional coverage includes:

  • Water, drain, gas or vent pipe leaks or breaks (including polybutylene)
  • Toilet tanks, bowls, flushing mechanisms and wax ring seals
  • Water heater, including tankless, power vent, and direct vent unit
  • Built-in jetted bathtub motor, pump and air switch assemblies
  • Shower and bathtub valves, including diverter valves
  • Recirculating pump
  • Instant hot/cold water dispenser
  • Garbage disposal
  • Risers and gate valves
  • Stop and waste valves
  • Angle stops
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Sump pump (for ground water only)


Light switches, electrical outlets, main electrical panel/sub panel, meter base/socket/pedestal, breakers, fuses and interior wiring, bath exhaust fans, ceiling fans, attic fans, whole house fans.


Light fixtures, including those on ceiling fans; bulbs; ballasts; heat lamps; doorbells; telephone, audio, video, computer, intercom and alarm security wiring and systems; low voltage relay systems; smoke detectors; inadequate wiring capacity; power surges; overload; remote controls; vents; light sockets.

Garage Door Opener

All components of the opener unit, including motor, logic board, gear assembly, capacitor, rail assembly and sensors are all covered.

Central Vacuum

Power unit, including motor and electrical components and dirt canister are covered.

Appliance Coverage

  • Dishwasher: All components that affect the cleaning operation, including the pump, motor, tub, timer, fill valve, door latch, air gap, and control board or touch pad.
  • Trash Compactor: All components that affect the compacting operation of the unit, including motor, ram assembly switch and door latch.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan: All components that affect the exhaust operation of the unit, including motor, selector switch and fan.
  • Oven, Range, Cook-top, Built-in Microwave Oven: All components that affect the heating/cleaning operation of the unit, including heating element, thermostat, burner, control board and touch pad are covered. The timer and clock are covered if they affect the heating or cleaning of the unit.
  • Kitchen Refrigerator: Coverage for one freestanding or one built-in unit (single or dual compressor), and ice maker. All components that affect the cooling operation of the unit, including compressor, thermostat, condenser coil, evaporator and defrost system.
  • Washer and Dryer: All components that affect the washing or drying operation of the unit, including belts, pump, motor, tub, timer, drum, thermostat, transmission, heating element, control board and touch pad are covered.

Ultimate Protection

The ultimate protection plan includes everything from the standard plan, plus:

  • Plumbing faucets
  • Shower heads
  • Toilet replacements
  • Heating systems' disposable filters, heat lamps, refrigerant recapture, heat pumps and water hearts
  • Dishwasher baskets, rollers, racks and runner guards
  • Oven racks, hanger knobs and interior lining
  • Trash compactor lock and assemblies
  • Smoke detectors
  • Garage door opener hinges, springs and remote transmitters
  • Air conditioner filters, drain pumps and secondary drain pans
  • Window units

Platinum Protection

Old Republic's Platinum Protection includes everything in the standard and ultimate plans, plus coverage for construction or carpentry-related costs associated with repairs.

Optional Coverage

  • Swimming pool home warranty and spa home warranty
  • Salt water equipment
  • Roof leak repair home warranty

Industry Awards & Recognition

Old Republic Home Warranty is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating, making it one of the best rated home warranty companies in the country.

Old Republic Home Protection Company, Inc.

PO Box 5017

San Ramon, CA 94583-0917