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A Round-Up of Good Reviews: The Best Reviews Consumers Left About Home Warranty Companies in 2019

A Round-Up of Good Reviews: The Best Reviews Consumers Left About Home Warranty Companies in 2019

When you love something, it’s easy to want to shout it from the rooftops. And from the sounds of it, there were some pretty happy home warranty customers in 2019.

To recap the year, we’ve compiled some of the best reviews home warranty customers left throughout 2019. The new year is always a new start. If you’ve been thinking about getting home warranty coverage, these trusted reviews—straight from happy customers—may be exactly what you’ve been looking for to make your own decision.

2019 American Home Shield Warranty Coverage Reviews

Let’s start with the original pioneer of the home warranty industry: American Home Shield. AHS hit the ball out of the park this year and scored a home run for excellence with their customer service, response time, and the contractors they hire. AHS customers left 12,356 reviews for AHS on The overall rating they left? 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is “Very Good” according to Home Warranty Reviews’ metrics.

Here are a few of the five-star AHS reviews people shared in 2019:

  • “American Home Shield not only provides excellent quality in the contractors they hire, but their customer service is wonderful. AHS has responded quickly to every need for service that we’ve had in the past 22 years. I can honestly say that our annual contract with this company gives me peace of mind. (It’s) such a relief to know that there’s someone out there that will respond to whatever I need.” —AHS Customer in Pennsylvania

  • “My dryer problem was handled quickly and efficiently by AHS. The repair person was also pleasant and also obviously very experienced. He arrived, he did the work, and (he) was gone so quickly. I was amazed.” —AHS Customer in California

  • “Timeliness and professional service were outstanding. (I’ve) been a customer for years now and (I’m) planning to be (one) for many more.” —AHS Customer in Texas

Want to learn more about AHS and their coverage options? Here’s Everything There is To Know About American Home Shield, or you can compare quotes here.

2019 Select Home Warranty Customer Reviews

Do home warranty companies offer a trial period so that homeowners can try home warranty coverage on for size? Select Home Warranty does. A 30-day trial period is, in fact, one of their hallmark features. Select is also known for offering competitive pricing and extending coverage to include mobile homes, a rare deal in the industry. There are 4,003 reviews for Select Home Warranty on Their overall rating is a 4 out of 5 stars, which is also considered “Very Good.”

Here’s a glimpse at some of the great reviews Select Home Warranty received in 2019:

  • “One of the stand out companies of 2019 that I have used. The price is fair and the service is good for me.” —Select Home Warranty Customer in Pennsylvania

  • “Precisely what I signed up for! Thoroughly impressed. Select has given me service that I am going to rave about. They saved me $400 in repairs over 2019 and were very easy to handle and deal with.” —Select Home Warranty Customer in Massachusetts

  • “Thank God for Select Home Warranty. They are the best.” —Select Home Warranty Customer in Florida

Curious to explore Select Home Warranty’s warranty coverage and options? Here’s a a piece called Lightning-Fast and Reliable: Get to Know Select Home Warranty —Plus! Read Rave Reviews from Select’s Policyholders with all the details.

2019 Reviews for The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club wants customers to understand what broke and what went wrong, and in perusing their reviews, it’s obvious this goes over well with their customers. Top notch service, knowledgeable customer service representatives, and budget-approved prices, The Home Service Club offers it all. Plus, customers also appreciate their online claims system so they can be in touch with the company whenever they want, 24/7/365.

The Home Service Club has 1,358 reviews on Their overall rating is a 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what people had to say about The Home Service Club warranty coverage in 2019:

  • “The HSC ROCK! They fixed our pool in time for a party.” —The HSC Customer in Illinois

  • “Worth the money! I constantly look for cheap things, but let me tell you, home warranties are ones you really need to invest in. Luckily with The HSC, I’ve had a good deal. I’ve really saved a lot. Budget friendly HSC! Bonus: they have the best reps. —The HSC Customer in Pennsylvania

  • “(The) Home Service Club has one of the best services that I encountered. The reps were very polite and friendly. I called them early in the morning yesterday and they arrived after four hours. They were very fast on fixing my broken heater. The men they sent (were) really attentive. He explained what really happened and why it was broken. The taught me what to do the next time my heater won’t work again. Thank you so much!” —The HSC Customer in New Mexico

Do any of these positive reviews inspire you to update your home warranty coverage or find a company that treats you better? Here’s a complete list of top rated home warranty companies. Happy New Year!

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