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Here's One We Don't Get A Lot: Is a Car Shield Covered By A Home Service Contract?

Here's One We Don't Get A Lot: Is a Car Shield Covered By A Home Service Contract?

It’s easy to understand how there might be a misunderstanding between two separate things that go by the same name. A car shield service contract—here’s an example of one—is different from a home service contract, otherwise known as a home warranty. The “service contract” aspect of each of these is designed to pick up where an existing warranty drops off.

What Are the Differences Between a “Service Contract” And An “Extended Warranty”?

In most cases, a home appliance or a consumer good meant to last a while will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This covers the item for a certain length of time. To extend this time period, consumers can opt to buy an extended warranty and maintain their protection. Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty covers the failed part of an appliance or item, but it does not always cover the cost of labor or repairs.

For your home, a home warranty continues to protect home systems and daily-use appliances even after a manufacturer’s warranty ends. For your car, a car shield is not connected to the vehicle manufacturer or dealership in any way. A car shield warranty, therefore, covers the mechanical parts of your car, like the engine, transmission, and other vital car parts that could be prone to breakdowns or malfunctions. Generally, a car shield warranty offers protection for almost any vehicle, no matter the make, model, or mileage. Even used and pre-owned cars can qualify for car shield warranty coverage.

Is a Car Shield Warranty the Same Thing As Auto Insurance?

Similar to how a home warranty is not the same thing as homeowners insurance, a car shield warranty is not the same thing as auto insurance.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages from disasters, like a fire, or accidents, like vandalism

  • A home warranty is a service contract that protects home systems and appliances like HVAC, electrical systems, washing machines, garbage disposals, and the like

  • A car shield warranty is included in automobile warranties that cover mechanical parts of a car not covered by the vehicle manufacturer or the dealership

  • Auto insurance covers collision or accidental damage of a car that result car accidents, a fire, or an act of vandalism

With Homes and With Cars, Warranty Coverage Varies Across State Lines

Each car shield contract is vehicle-specific, meaning warranty coverage is based on a car’s mileage, age, overall condition, and repair history.

A home warranty contract protects home systems or appliances regardless of age. In fact, when you have really old appliances, a home warranty makes even more sense to have. A home warranty can also be customizable depending on what you’d like to cover. American Home Shield allows customers to “Build Your Own” warranty plan to create comprehensive warranty coverage that matches what you need.

Just like home warranty coverage, a car shield warranty and other after-market purchased coverage varies from state to state. The Compare Home Warranty Quotes State Licensing Guide details how home service contract companies are regulated and who you can contact in all 50 states if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Timeless Warranty Coverage You Can Depend On

As technology becomes more modern and substantially more “smart,” the repairs required to fix homes, appliances, and cars also has to increase. When expertise extends beyond your own DIY capabilities, it’s important to have resources you can turn to.

A service contract—whether one through CarShield, for example, or a home warranty company—allows for peace of mind. If anything like a breakdown or malfunction happens, a specially trained and sophisticated repair technician will be in charge of making the complex repair easily. They’re only one call away. In fact, many would argue this access to qualified technicians is one of the best reasons to own a home warranty.

Though coverage does not extend to cover vehicles, if you’re looking to protect yourself and your family against costly home repairs and replacements, a home warranty can be a sound part of a family’s financial plan. In exchange for a small service fee, you can rely on the home warranty company to foot the bill when covered items need to be repaired or replaced.

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